Image from the ImVia article “A deep semantic segmentation-based algorithm to segment crops and weeds in agronomic color images”

In August partner ImVia has published an article titled “A deep semantic segmentation-based algorithm to segment crops and weeds in agronomic color images”. This article:
1) Highlights how agronomic color images are segmented based on a novel and quick semantic segmentation algorithm;
2) Shows how the proposed algorithm can successfully separate plants and weeds with sharp edges; and
3) Compares semantic segmentation results to K-means and Superpixels algorithms.
The full article can be read here: link

The SMPTE paper of Grass Valley titled “A 2/3-inch 9.5M pixel CMOS imager with High Frame Rate and HDR capabilities” from end of 2020 was published in the SMPTE journal of June, 2021. This journal can be bought here: link

In April and May 2021 the Aeneas office in collaboration with the CAVIAR team published several papers and articles on LinkedIn disseminating the results after the second year of the project. These publications can be found here:
1) A video on a new and more selective focus assist algorithms that enable camera operators to produce more sharply focused video images for broadcasting: Link
2) A video on how the CAVIAR project supports both HDR and SDR features for the highest quality images for viewers at home: Link
3) A video on how CAVIAR will improve image capture technology in diagnostics for better reliability and efficiency in medical care: Link
4) A video on how image capture technology enables better medical diagnostics and shorter turn-around times in hospitals: Link
5) An article on using algorithms based on machine learning for the quick and accurate detection of weeds: Link
6) On article on how CAVIAR improves the viewing experiences in UHD-4K for sports fans: Link
7) An article on the development of high resolution cameras and smart image processing for histopathology, that will enable medical professionals to collect reliable patient data and facilitate a faster diagnosis at a lower cost: Link

Nanda van der Stap has written an article on the automatic analysis of microelectronscope images. This article has been published on the web. Link

Pepijn Kampf presented his 25Gbps printed circuit board design at the Cadence Live 2020 virtual event. You can watch his presentation by registering: Link

TNO presented their paper “Onboard ROI selection for aerial surveillance using a high resolution, high framerate camera.” at SPIE Defence + security, Anaheim, USA on 27 April. Due to the covid-19 pandemic this was an on-line conference. You can access this paper through the following link. Please note that you have to register and pay to get access. Link

ImVia presented the CAVIAR project at the International Workshop on Appearance and Imaging in Sorento Naples in Italy, 26-29 November 2019.

The presentation can be found here: Link

Grass Valley, Adimec and TNO represented the project at EFECS 2019. Two posters were presented. These poster are shown below.

The CAVIAR project profile was published shortly before the EFECS 2019 event that took place in Helsinki in November 2019. The project profile can be found here: Link

AMS presented the paper “A BSI pixel with background light suppression intended for structured light applications and object tracking.” at the International Image Sensor Workshop 2019 in Snowbird Utah, 23-27 June 2019. The paper can be found here: Link

Grass Valley presented a paper and a poster at the same International Image Sensor Workshop 2019 in Snowbird Utah. The paper is titled ” A 2.5µm 9.5 Mpixel high framerate CMOS imager with hybrid output multiplexer and 58Gb/s datarate” and can be found here: Link

A third presentation on the Image Sensor Workshop 2019 in Snowbird was on the new column ADC that Grass Valley developed with third party Teledyne Dalsa. This paper is titled ” A scalable 12b-16b charge-domain multi-slope column ADC for HDR imagers with 86dB DR at 1 µs conversion time “and can be found here: Link

TNO presented super resolution algorithms for mosaic hyper spectral imagery at the NVPHBV conference in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on 29 May, 2019.

The presentation can be found here: Link

Grass valley presented work on 25Gbps simulations for video transmission at CDNLive 2019, a Cadence conference that was held in Munich on 7 May 2019.
The presentation can be found here (registration required): Link