Final Review

On Friday 8 April the consortium organized the final review together with the Penta office and the Public Authorities. The final review took place at Adimec in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The review was preceded with a dinner in the center of Eindhoven the evening before the review.

Dinner with the reviewers and the consortium in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Adimec hosted the final review and organized the dinner on Thursday evening.

During the review in total eight demonstrations were given.

  1. Adimec showed the a new camera with smart cooling to reduce the dark current in fluorescent imaging;
  2. 3DHistech showed a movie of their whole slide imaging scanner with the new 5G pixel per second camera of Adimec, increasing the throughput time by 33%;
  3. TNO demonstrated the algorithm they developed for automatic annotation of WSI images. Annotation time by the medical specialist can thus be reduced from 8 hours to less than 5 minutes;
  4. TNO also demonstrated an algorithm that automatically detects regions of interest in security videos, so only the ROIs can be sent from a drone to a ground station to significantly reduce the bandwidth in the transmission;
  5. ImVia and MsEyeTech demonstrated their hyperspectral image capture system for field-level management in precision agriculture;
  6. AMS demonstrated their 2Mpixel global shutter CMOS image sensor with improved NIR sensitivity in a face tracking (drowsiness) application for automotive;
  7. EVS and Grass Valley demonstrated the slow motion 4K UHDTV image capture system including JP-XS compression in the IP network; and
  8. Grass Valley and TNO demonstrated an improved focus assist algorithm to help camera operators properly focus 4K images on a small HDTV display for the camera.

Below you will find a few pictures of the different demonstrations.

New Adimec camera with smart cooling
Movie of the 3DHistech WSI scanner with the new 5Gpixel per second camera of Adimec
TNO demonstration of the automatic annotation algorithm
TNO security demonstration
Demonstration of the hyperspectral image capture system of ImVia and MsEyeTech
Demonstration of the face tracking application by ams.
Demonstration of the 4K slow motion capture system by Grass Valley and EVS and of the focus assist application by TNO and Grass Valley.
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